SALAKAUPPA (Secret Shop) is COMPANYs own shop in the center of Helsinki.
Scroll down to see how Salakauppa got started and what has been going on since.
Salakauppa open: Wed-Fri 13-18.
Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.

06.2021. SECRETS OF IMAGINATIONLAND book launch and exhibtion at SALAKAUPPA.

12.2020. SALAKAUPPA christmas.

07.2020. SALAKAUPPA with new shop master Aoi!

11.2019. SALAKAUPPA with new SECRETS OF MEXICO -collection quarded by Yaya statue.

12.2019. SALAKAUPPA Christmas calendar.

12.2018. SALAKAUPPA Tree of Life Christmas.

09.2018. SALAKAUPPA Autumn Factory.

05.2018. SALAKAUPPA May Day!

03.2018. SALAKAUPPA Easter.

07.12.2017. SALAKAUPPA now open everyday 13-18 until christmas.
Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki. Welcome!

07.12.2016. SALAKAUPPA now open everyday 13-18 until christmas.
Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki. Welcome!

22.09.2016. Mushroom season arrived to SALAKAUPPA, Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.
Salakauppa open again normally from Wed-Fri 13-18 and Sat 12-18. Welcome.

SALAPATSAS / SECRET STATUE ready for the first unveiling of a statue.
Secret Statue is a public art work that transforms SALAKAUPPA into a living sculpture. Secret Statue will be a series of moments bringing statues to life. Invited guest statue-persons will give speeches during the Helsinki Design Week. A ceremonial unveiling of a new statue takes place every day at 7 pm. The project is part of HDW HOP City Installations. SALAKAUPPA open Mon-Sun 13-18.

15.07.2016. New product SMALL CITY PUZZLE An eight piece puzzle. Material: Birch, stained. Manufactured by Haapareppu in Joutsa, Finland. Design: COMPANY / Johan Olin. Size: 160 x 90 x 16 mm. Price: 29,00 EUR.

19.04.2016. Kokeshi clothes form our SECRETS OF NORTHERN JAPAN collection now at Salakauppa.
SECRETS OF NORTHERN JAPAN is our latest Secret project where we toured around Japan and collaborated with local manufacturers. The project was first shown at the Aomori Museum of Art, Japan in 2015. All designs: COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin)

02.03.2016. Salakauppa spring greetings! Meet Aija, our new Salakauppias / shop keeper. You can meet Aija and Roosa (also brand new shop keeper) at Salakauppa on Wed-Fri 13-18, Sat 12-18. Salakauppa, Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki.

03.02.2016. SALAKAUPPA new solar system window. On display one set of Planeta Matryoshka with a sun in same scale.
SALAKAUPPA Open Wed-Fri 13-18, Sat 12-18. Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.

14.01.2016. Back in Helsinki Salakauppa opens again. Welcome to meet our new friends The Mobile Polar Bear and new shop keeper Jukka. Salakauppa open: Wed-Fri 13-18, Sat 12-18.

24.12.2015. COMPANY goes winter holiday.

21.12.2015. Happy Holidays from COMPANY X SALAKAUPPA with New Secrets!
The Bears, The Life of Snowman, Käpy, Tatti and Kärpässieni now available.
SALAKAUPPA (Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsink)i open every day 13-18 (sat-sun 12-18) until christmas.
COMPANY X SALAKAUPPA (Laivurinkatu 10, 00150 Helsink)i open daily 14-18.

01.12.2015. Salakauppa Christmas calendar opens.
We open every day 13-18 (sat-sun 12-18) till joulu. Hyvää Joulua!

Mushroom season now at Salakauppa. Tattijakkara / Mushroom Stool available at Salakauppa.

We work, you shop.
Laivurinkatu 10, 00150 Helsinki, Finland
Now Open!

10.05.2015. Salakauppa spring window. New Tree Matryoshkas and Peach Bags available. Salakauppa Open: Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18.

. COMPANY back in Helsinki. Salakauppa is getting ready for winter. Winter Ties & PinguWears (in the window), Suomi Shoes, Felt Virsu and wool shirts now available in Salakauppa. We also have a new colour of our woollen Vigri Cap. Salakauppa Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki. Open Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18.

Secrets of Estonia -collection now available in Salakauppa!
In summer 2013 we set on a journey to explore Estonian manufacturing secrets. After visiting each factory, and getting to know their manufacturing secrets, we designed new products based on each tradition.

10.-16.02.2014. Helsinki gets a new festival when Aamu, Johan and producer Johanna Råman organizes a week-long event with music, dance, art and light. MINI BIENNAALI takes place in, and around, Salakauppa, Postikatu1, 00100 Helsinki. Performers and artists include: Pekka Kuusisto, Jay Gilligan, Auri Ahola, Jukka Huitila, Roope Gröndahl, Anna-Mari Kähärä and Tuovi Eskola.

Salakauppa go east with dj Babushkin, russian disco, russian city meininki with taiteiden yö, of course ice cold vodka & russian kurkku, secrets of russia book with all the secrets, and the NEW secrets of Russia collection. We also say farewell to our amazing intern Hanna who turned Salakauppa into gold (check that amazing golden onion on top of our roof).

12.2012. Salakauppa turns into ’SEKRETI MAGAZIN’ (Secret Shop).
Secrets of Russia. In 2011 Aamu Song and Johan Olin set on a journey to explore Russian manufacturing secrets. The travels in Russia resulted in collaboration with six traditional manufacturers. After visiting each factory, and getting to know their manufacturing secrets, we designed new products based on each maker's own tradition. A collection of new traditional items ’Secrets of Russia’ was born. The project was exhibited first time in KIASMA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki)in summer 2012.

25.08.2012. We have a factory! Today is the opening day of ’Secrets of Helsinki’ exhibition featuring our new ’Secret Factory’. Welcome! Salakauppa, Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki. Open: every day 12–18. Factory and exhibition open until 5 September. More about the projects and reports of the Helsinki secrets here. Photo: Erling Sommerfeldt.

Huh huh. Secret shop keeping = snow cleaning.
Snow or no snow, we are open: Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18. Welcome!

09.12.2011. Salakauppa christmas calendar opening up day by day.
Salakauppa open: Wed-Fri 14–19, Sat 12–18.

14.10.2011. RED party in Salakauppa. Thank you all. It was red, hot and fun!
SALAKAUPPA in red until 12.11. We've made a special edition of COMPANY products all in red, and invited some of our favourite designers to join the Red-mad-dness. Exclusive red pieces available from Vuokko Nurmesniemi, Vik Prjónsdóttir & Nene Tsuboi. COMPANY / Salakauppa, Postikatu 1, FI-00100 Helsinki. Open: Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18.

31.05.2011. Salakeikka in Salakauppa.
Pekka Kuusisto & Paula Vesala will throw a secret gig in secret shop at 14:30 & 16:30.
Salakauppa, Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki.

We are celebrating the DOUBLE HEELS finally available!
We are celebrating the DOUBLE HEELS finally available!
And the premiere screening of the movie COMPANY SECRETS (dir. Ville Vainio)!!
And the premiere screening of the movie COMPANY SECRETS (dir. Ville Vainio)!!

Psychedelic Secret calendar.
Salakauppa open every day until christmas eve.
Company / Salakauppa:
Mon-Fri 14-19,
Sat-Sun 12-18. Postikatu 1,
00100 Helsinki

Company back in Helsinki.

(and terrace) open:
Wed-Fri 14-19
Sat 12-18
Postikatu 1, Helsinki.


Salakauppa independence day party!

see pictures

Salakauppa christmas calendar opens.

Salakauppa open:
Wed-Fri 16-20,
Sat 12-18.

Meet Maippi!
New secret shop keeper.

Salakauppa midnight movie festival.

Salakauppa open:
Wed-Fri 16-20,
Sat 12-18.

Salakauppa terassi open!

Salakauppa (and terrace) open:
Wed-Fri 16-20,
Sat 12-18.

by Pekka Kuusisto and Milla Viljamaa! Kiitos.
Special kiitos for great audience who didn't mind a little rain.

See concert video here:

New Salakauppa friends. Tytti (on right) and Tuuli will take care of Salakauppa wednesdays and fridays.

Company Salakauppa
Postikatu 1,
00100 Helsinki.
Wed-Fri 18-20,
Sat 12-18.

Happy new year from Salakauppa fisu party.

Company Salakauppa (Secret Shop) opens in the center of Helsinki.

In 2008 Company has been touring with Secret Shop in Milan, Berlin and Oslo. Now it is time to stop moving and start selling.

How to make a shop?
See pictures below.

Salakauppa is now open!

Finally all is set and Salakauppa starts selling.
Here we celebrate a pre-opening of the shop.

Salakauppa gets a neonsign.

Aamu and shop window lighting.

Finishing light installation.

One day with all windows open.
We needed to do seaming and paint work for windows frames one more time.

One window opening.
Testing our window display systeemi.
Hopefully window light system is delivered soon and we get to finally open the shop..

Shop conquered.
Renovation is now complete.
Few furnitures still to be made and then we can start bringing in the products. Exciting times.

Petri from Selki-asema installing sales desk.
Aamu observing.

Took three more days ...after three more days...but now the floor is finished.

Huh huh...
Floor cleaning is almost finished. It took three days to clean. We'll continue after a good night sleep.

Welding works.
Jukka & Markku installing display system.

Finishing up with the paint work.

Other: We found the original stone floor underneath newer tiling. Few extra days needed to do the floor...

Company back in Finland and back in business. While we were gone Markku installed all the missing windows and fixed the plumbing and electricity work.

9AM. Ready to install a new (glass)facade. After the first try, we find out that the glass plate (120 kg) was delivered in wrong position and needs to be taken back outside and turned around. It's going to be a long day but all facades have to be ready and shut by night.

Meet Markku. With this pro help the renovation starts up fast. First we strip the interior, then do the facades. Two doors needs to be replaced.

A small-scale model of the small shop. After finishing with the planning it's time to face the bureaucracy of Helsinki city. We are lucky and get a permission to start the renovation in just two weeks.

After cleaning the facades it's time to start planning. We manage to get in touch with the original architect who drew the building and get a lot of information and suggestions on how to proceed.

This building needs quite a lot of cleaning (from inside too).

Company Salakauppa is located here. It's between the main railway station, main post office and KIASMA contemporary art museum.

Salakauppaa! Company Secret Shop will open permanently in the heart of Helsinki. We bought this building (in the back) from these fellows (on the right).