Head matryoshka

A 6-piece matryoshka set
Designed by COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin)
Manufactured in Semenov, Russia by Natasha, Igor, Galina, et. al.
Material: linden, paint, lacquer.
Size: approx. 120 mm x 100 mm
Price: 90,00 EUR

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Head Matryoshka's are part of our ’Secrets of Russia’ -collection. A few years ago Aamu Song and Johan Olin set on a journey to explore Russian manufacturing secrets. The travels, which took us from Moscow to Urals, into Siberia and to the Caucasus, resulted in collaboration with tens of traditional manufacturers. After each factory visit – and after we learned each of the traditional manufacturing skills – we designed new products based on these traditions.

Aamu with masters Galina & Galina and Head Matryoshkas at Semenov factory.

Aamu in the town of Semenov, Russia.

Turning of the Head Matryoshka dolls.

After wood turning, the dolls take a bath in potato starch and are stored for drying before the paint work