Picasso's Livingroom /
Picasson Olohuone

Company designed ’Picasso's livingroom’ in Ateneum museum. Picasso fills the Ateneum museum in Helsinki when Musee National Picasso in Paris goes under renovation. Picasso's livingroom is created in the spirit of Picasso and serves the museum visitors as a place to sit down and relax.

The Livingroom has mirroring walls and three big fixed furnitures in middle. In front ’Picasso head’ furniture in the spirit of Picasso, Verner Panton and Japanese human tetris. (Following Picasso's motto ’If there is something to be stolen, I steal it’ we were inpired in stealing inspirations..)

The second piece steals its shape from the painting ’Acrobat’ by Picasso. Aamu trying here to fit into Picasso's world.

Test team showing how to use the piece.

Third piece is made following the shapes and colours of a painting ’Seated woman with wrist watch’.
These furnitures (with state-of-the-art quality) were constructed by Suokki and Jani from Silverzombie.

Test team on work.
Kiitos Erica and family (and neighbors family)!

Photo: Henri Tuomi / KKA

Photo: Henri Tuomi / KKA

Gravity seems to be less dominant in Picasso's world..

The walls are all covered with mirror plates and partially with smaller plates that are cut and bent to create distorted and fractured views.

A cubistic reflection from the mirror wall.

Additional furnitures for the museum visitors.These old wooden furnitures were given a cubistic touch.

Photo: Henri Tuomi / KKA

And a few saddle chairs in the spirit of Picasso.

In Picasso's living room clothes are also needed. We made a collection of clothes that could have belonged to Picasso or his mistress (or fan). The clothes are in use on special occasions during the exhibition.

On right a mirror image of Picasso's pocket dress.

Face View Jacket and Tears on Dress.

Photo: Henri Tuomi / KKA

Pocket Dress and The Guiter Man.

Photo: Henri Tuomi / KKA

PussuPussit (Kissing Bags) for Picasso.

Photo: Henri Tuomi / KKA

Sydän ja maksa (Heart and Liver costumes) in test by Valtteri's team.

Livingroom is now open. Welcome!
Company would like to thank: Maija, Anne, Mika, Seppo, Erica, Asko and everyone at the museum. Nähdään olohuoneessa!

Below are a few pictures from the making-of process.

Johan setting up the exhibition.

13.09Aamu installing mirrors.

Furnitures in place.

Furnitures arriving to Ateneum museum (building in the back. The exhibition space is there behind the big window in third floor.)

Aamu and Sara making clothes at the office. Sara joined us in sewing, wood work and construction work. Kiitos!

Furniture tuning at office turns the office into a wood work shop... Sorry for the mess..

Making the Picasso furnitures. Aamu and Suokki at Silverzombie.

Mirror wall are installed in the exhibition space. Kiitos Seppo, Asko and the building team!

A small scale model of Picasso's Livingroom ready. Company goes on holiday.

Collecting inspiration and starting planning the exhibition.