8. - 15.10 .2005.
COMPANY is invited to participate the exhibition Fiction Hotel at Kulturhuset, Stockholm. The first and fifth floors of the building will become ”Fiction Hotel”. Exhibition open until late january 2006.
Fiction Hotel invited one design group from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland to create a future hotel room for the year 2050.
COMPANY is happy to represent Finland in the exhibition.
See more about exhibition at www.kulturhuset.se


(our concept/room name)
HOTELÖ is a future budjet hotel where visitors share the same space instead of separate rooms, The space has a fully upholstered sofa-bed-work station combo partly under the floor, a vertically controllable space divider, two lamps each, hanging storage units and a service cart system. No doors, no walls.

Scroll down to see day by day setting up the room.

8 o'clock in the morning.
Once again odd cargo to bring with us.
Hope these guys know how to fit the stuff into the plane...

So happy to get this missile looking object and others in one piece to Stockholm.

Arriving to Kulturhuset.
The carpenters have finished the floors and walls for us.

What a view! Windows from our spot opens straight to Sergels Torget.

Starting to put canopies to their places.


Upholstering work is not so easy part.

Looking more promising now.
Still waiting for the rest of the fabrics to arrive from Kvadrat from Copenhagen.
(Iso kiitos for Kvadrat for sponsoring the materials)


All ulpholstering done.
Place cleaned and awaiting for fixing the floor.

What a morning. We were shocked when our hotel receptionist showed us the mornings newspaper (Metro).











Back at Kulturhuset the floor is now ready.

Aamu testing the ”mummo canopy”.

Inside the green canopy.

Test sleeping.
Kaikki toimii.
We included some future socks/shoes for the installation.
Now just waiting for the evening VIP opening...

Hanging storage place for your belongings in each canopy.

Evening comes and the view with city gets nicer and nicer. We become real fans of Sergels Torget and the high towers.

One can go bravely inside and test themselves...

This guy knows how to do it...

Real future hotel user.

Happy to see many happy visitors at HOTELÖ!


Official opening night.
The hole Kulturhuset is open untill two o'clock in the morning with free entry to all exhibitions. House is full of live music, movies, fashion shows, theater...


Aamu and Camilla.
Thank you Camilla for inviting us to participate Fiction Hotel exhibition and for curating such a nice exhibition!
Thank you Mats and Philippe (the carpenters). Was nice to work with you.

Kiitos for all visitors at HOTELÖ!
Fiction Hotel exhibition is open until 29th of january 2006. Käy kattomassa!

Time to get back to Suomi.
Had great time in Sweden!
Tack och adjö!