Colour curtains /
Väriä ikkunassa

Company was comissioned to create art work for a residential building in Toukoranta, a new housing area in Helsinki.

’Colour curtains’ is a set of 30 paintings laminated on glass, cut in shape and installed on the corridoor windows of the building.

Client: OP-builders
Art work: Company

The paintings were done with water colours using Print Glass -technique.

Daytimes the curtains colour the outside view. In the evenings the curtains can be seen from the outside.

5th floor.

5th floor.

4th floor windows.

View from 3nd floor.

2nd floor.

2nd floor view.

The paintings were made with water colours using Print Glass -technique.

Aamu and Johan in the second floor.

The images are laminated between two 6mm glass panels and cut into shape.

In the evenings the curtains can be seen from outside.

View from west.
The building was designed by A6 Architects.

Plan for the west facade (Toukoranta).

The entrances each have their own illuminated painting.

The facade facing north has four corridoors each with it's own colour.

In these four corridoorst he glasses with paintings are rectangular in shape.

Plans for the north facade (Kotisaarenkatu).

Visiting the site early 2009.

Art work: COMPANY
(Aamu Song & Johan Olin)
Glass work: Rakla
Installing work:
Lasitusliike V. Aalto
Architect: A6 architects
Builder: Haahtela Oy
Client: OP builders